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Let the experts bring you actionable steps to feel healthier, think better, and live longer, based on the newest and most cutting-edge information in their fields.


Are you having trouble finding the cutting-edge, actionable information you need to reach your own personal health goals?
How would you like to learn to:

  • Achieve higher cognitive function and better memory retention with Nick Winter of Quantified Mind
  • Increase physical energy with Todd Becker of Getting Stronger
  • Reduce body fat with nutrition expert Ron Rosedale, M.D.
  • Enhance brain chemistry with Dave Asprey of Bulletproof Exec
  • Get better sleep advised by sleep researcher Steve Fabregas
  • Delay the diseases of aging with Josh Whiton of The Whiton Protocol
  • And much more…

If so, you’ve come to the right place. We are HealthActivator, and we present the forefront of implementable health science.

New health research methods are yielding key findings at an increasing rate. They’re producing so much information that no one person can process it all. Today’s medical system is too overloaded to manage fast-changing best practices and new information. The good part? These new findings empower people to take responsibility for their own health. But there’s a downside too: the information overload is filled with too much misinformation.

There is no filter for the new information. Good information gets mixed in with medical fallacies and ineffectual advice. And that’s where we come in. We are HealthActivator, and we provide that filter for you. We bring you the cutting edge of health science, providing the highest-quality, ground-breaking health information from world-renowned health experts.

We filter out the bad information and provide you with immediately actionable information of the highest possible quality to help you reach your ultimate health goals.

Learn the strategies early adopters use to get amazing results.  Here is a sampling of our 2013 live online Conference sessions:

DNA Testing
Geoffrey Shmigelsky, Think Exponential
Geoffrey’s Site

Telomere Measurement & Protection
Calvin Harley, Telome Health
Calvin’s Site

Body Quantifying & Self-Tracking
Larry Smarr, Director of Calit2, a UC San Diego/UC Irvine partnership
Larry’s Site

Enhancing Brain Chemistry via Sex
Dave Asprey, Silicon Valley Entrepreneur; Founder, The Bulletproof Exec
Dave’s Site

Popular Errors in Supplementation & Exercise
Mike Nichols, MD
Mike’s Site

Autophagy: Triggering Cellular Trash Collection via Protein/Carb Alternation
Josh Whiton, Founder and CEO, TransLoc; Co-founder, Raleigh City Farm;
Josh’s site

Optimizing Brain Function
Nick Winter, Quantified Mind
Nick’s Site

Controlling Insulin, Leptin & mTOR
Ron Rosedale, MD
Ron’s Site

Seth Roberts, Tsinghua University (Beijing) & UC Berkeley; Author, The Shangri-La Diet
Seth’s Site

Physical Improvements Using Hormesis
Todd Becker, Getting Stronger
Todd’s Site

Getting the Highest Quality Sleep
Steve Fabregas, Sleep Researcher; Blogger
Steve’s Site

See the full list of speakers and presentations here

Who are We and What Do We Do?

We are scientists, engineers, self-experimenters, and early adopters bringing together the latest research from the fields of health, longevity, medicine, and many other related fields.  We even help you with the challenges of finding the best doctors and maximizing insurance benefits.

The good news is that health breakthroughs are accelerating. The bad news is that the data avalanche is overwhelming.  It needs to be distilled and organized. It needs to be presented in immediately usable, actionable goals and implementation plans.  This is what we do best.

We bring you expert advice, expert research, and expert guidance. Join us now for unlimited access to this invaluable information.

What’s Next?

In 2010 and 2012, the HealthActivator team held our first two face-to-face conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area. Starting in 2013, to enable participation from a wider geographic area at lower cost, we are bringing the conference online. We will be presenting a comprehensive set of online, interactive collaborations featuring twenty experts with cutting-edge, actionable information in virtually every field related to optimal health.

The 2013 conference will be presented in over 20 sessions, spread out over the year to maximize convenience and minimize information overload. Each session includes a keynote speaker presentation or interview, 15 minutes interaction with expert panelists, 15 minutes Q&A and commentary by participants, and 15 minutes of “check-in” during which participants report on and discuss their implementation plans, challenges, and results.

We invite you to join the HealthActivator team as a charter member and learn the tools to optimize your brain and body function today! With either a monthly or annual membership, you’ll also have access to our full archive of past HealthActivator presentations and panels!

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What Are People Saying About Us?

“The future of health care, ten years before it happens”

-David R. Smith

“Finally! A forum of people tackling a problem relevant to every human being. After attending, I really get why it’s called ‘Personalized’ — what actions can I do about it now?”

-Jeremy Johnson

“High value. I’m knowledgable in these fields, and I still came away with valuable new insights and data.”

-Gayle Pergamit

“I’m proud to be part of the very leading tip of a revolution in medicine.”

-Jay Lewis

“Fascinating and practical information and techniques to improve health and longevity now as well as science-based visionaries giving us hope for the future.”

-Nikki Hackborn

“It’s not for everyone, just for those who want to live a long and healthy life.”

-Emanuel Barros

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